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According to the World Economic Forum on Africa: “Feedback from business leaders confirms that they are already struggling to find the skills they need, and not just in Africa. In PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, released in January 2019, no less than 79% of global CEOs said they were concerned about the availability of key skills. Among African business leaders, this figure jumped to 87%, with 45% noting that they were “extremely concerned”.

“The current lack of skills is having real consequences. Of the CEOs who were extremely concerned about the availability of key skills, 65% of African CEOs (global: 55%) said the skills shortage was preventing them from innovating effectively, while 59% (global: 47%) conceded that their quality standards and customer experience were being undermined. In addition, 54% (global: 44%) confirmed that they were missing their growth targets because of inadequate skills.”

“Only 3% of African CEOs (global: 4%) we surveyed said skills availability was not impacting on their organisations’ growth and profitability”.

“The message business leaders are sending is clear. We need to act Now.  They also appear to be heeding their own advice, with 47% of African respondents (global: 46%) recognising significant retraining and upskilling as the most significant interventions needed to close skills gaps in their organisations. Twenty-two percent of CEOs in Africa (global: 17%) also identified establishing a strong pipeline of skills direct from educational institutions as an important step”.

“To make these initiatives pay off, organizations need to define their current and future workforce needs, taking into account the impact of emerging technologies across their value chain, from strategy to execution, and preparing their workers to be fit for purpose”.

“Businesses also need to adapt to remain sustainable, and the skills gap is a critical barrier to organizations successfully exploiting the promise of new technologies. Recent research suggests that the companies that are innovating the most are also ones that are growing and creating more jobs”.            

World Economic Forum on Africa

Do you have a vacant role in your organization? Or are you looking to recruit for a new role in your organization? At Managers Toolkit Africa, one of our service offerings is to help you hire the best fit to fill that vacancy in your organization. We take the whole recruitment process off you and provide you with the suitable candidate. 

We specialize in Virtual recruitment. Relax and let the experts find you the right fit for your company.

We will recruit candidates by posting a tailored recruitment post on job sites, social media. We would then utilise online using the internet, by posting on job sites, social media and an e recruitment software to coordinate the applications received.

We would save you the stress of finding the right fit by screening and narrowing down the large number of applicants by utilising different stages of assessment in the recruitment process.

This process helps limit homogeneous work environments and it would also help you save time and resources.

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Conforming to the reports from the World Economic Forum on Africa that: “These developments are impacting the nature of jobs and the skills required, creating opportunities and demand for new roles, which could be translated into a positive growth trajectory for Africa. To achieve this Africa needs to expand its pool of highly skilled employees through the development of cognitive STEM-based skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as non-cognitive soft skills like sense-making and social intelligence competencies”.

“It will be imperative for employees of the future to demonstrate the skills that machines cannot learn. Non-cognitive, character competencies, as opposed to routine learning and knowledge-based skills, are likely to be the qualities most valued. It will no longer be about “what you know”, but more about “what you do” with that information, through the utilization of value-based expertise that will enable employees to remain relevant in a more technologically enabled workforce”.

                                                                            World Economic Forum on Africa

 Do you want to get the best out of your human resource: Teams, employees, interns, volunteers, Managers, Team leads, Departmental heads etc? We offer trainings in the form of online courses, on-site trainings, Masterclasses and Executive Coaching services tailored to private and public organizations.  We also offer Executive Coaching services. 

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We are committed to providing people-centric, results-oriented solutions to your business challenges and organizational needs. We offer collaborative, results-oriented business solutions that enhance organizational effectiveness, improve your business performance and expand your business (es).

We offer strategic business and human resource consulting services suited to private and public organizations bordering on policies and processes formulation, hiring, performance evaluation, employee assessments and termination.

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