Oluwatoyin Banjo is a dynamic leader celebrated for her unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes and her remarkable ability to effect positive change. As a recognized global catalyst for change, she embodies a vibrant vision, unwavering focus, and exceptional execution. Her outstanding qualities include a clear sense of purpose, infectious energy, impeccable communication skills, and a research-driven mindset. She is a Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Auditor, a Lagos Business School alumni, a member of Forbes BLK, a First-Class B.Sc. Degree Holder, M.Sc. Degree Holder and currently pursuing a Ph.D in Development Communications.

With over 14 years of diverse experience spanning Corporate Communications, Brand Management, Image Consulting, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Impact Consulting and more, Oluwatoyin possesses a versatile skill set. Her proficiency extends to Project Management, Impact & Policy Advisory,  Volunteer Management, Program Management, Quality Management Systems, Research and Development, HR Management, Social Innovation, Finance, and Investment, primarily within the Insurance and Development Sectors. She is also well-versed in consulting, problem-solving, analytical abilities, and effective project management.

In her role as a Development Consultant and Program Director at Ideation Hub Africa, Oluwatoyin empowers social entrepreneurs, changemakers, non-profit innovators, civil society organisations, policy shapers, nation-building enthusiasts and public sector agencies across 29+ countries, playing a pivotal role in driving positive change on the African continent. Ideation Hub Africa boasts of an extensive network of over 25,000 changemakers, social entrepreneurs and social innovators.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Oluwatoyin is the Founder of Managers Toolkit Africa, a sustainable company and social enterprise dedicated to upskilling and re-skilling Africa’s workforce, bridging competency gaps.

Additionally, she serves as the Director of Ministry at Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance, a non-denominational Christian Ministry with a presence in 10 countries, offering spiritual discipleship and leadership development. She has also served as a Jury Member for the 2023 Future-Forward Female™ 25 under 25 Awards.

Oluwatoyin’s leadership is characterised by her ability to nurture talents, establish structure, cast a compelling vision, and motivate individuals to achieve precision in their work. 

Her exemplary work ethic and unwavering dedication to youth transformation and nation-building were honoured with an award from the Royal African Young Leadership Forum, presented by His Imperial Majesty – The Ooni of Ife in 2020. Her growing impact and leadership influence have also garnered media recognition, including features on TV and in newspapers.

Toyin Banjo’s exclusive interview with the Nigerian Tribune. 

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